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We are a community of Nepal Sambat users. We proactively advocate for official recognition and implement Nepal Sambat usage in our day to day lives. We all are exploring different ways to promote and expand Nepal Sambat in our lives and spaces. #JheeguNepalSambat



[The list is ever expanding]



1. Kiran Shrestha 22 Nakhipot Self implementation at home with family, Implementation at my startup (if any in future), Using NS date in any application/ letters, Practicing telling birthdays on NS dates
2. Rajiv Shrestha 36 Minbhawan For daily, religious & cultural works
3. Narendra Shrestha 23 Fampi On my paperwork and my shop
4. Jwala Bhadra 40 Sakwo I will use Nepal Sambat dates on my paintings.
5. Naresh Newa 53 Khwopa I will use Nepal Sambat nhilyaa dates now.
6. Frannkey Franz 22 Dhalko, Kathmandu I will use Nepal Sambat,in every possible sectors . Its my pride to use a calendar that has been widely used in every sector throughout the history. We all can use it in our daily books, letters, or in our business stamps which will indirectly promote the use of Nepal Sambat, and also there is an provision of using Nepal Sambat for official purpose too. Let’s be together for preserving the heritage we’ve inherited.
7. Ananda Manandhar 30 Pakandol, Suryabinayk-01 I would start putting Nepal Sambat date in my heritage(architectural and cultural) documentation works.
8. Suroj Maharjan 26 Khwana, Yala Will use Nepal Sambat dates for writing letters. Will include in all kinds of writing and documentations.


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